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1.      Textbook Chapters


2.      Chapter Notes: 



3.      The chem team [Online]. Available: 

Level(s): H, R 

This site provides study resources for students and teachers in topics for general and AP chemistry. There is background information on most topics covered in a first year course along with problem worksheets. A web address for free chemistry and math help is also included. (Chemistry Resources, Web Link)


4.       The homepage for chemists [Online]. June 14, 1998. Available:

Level(s): H, R

            1203 links about chemistry designed to help those involved with chemistry to find information. While the site is industrial in nature rather than academic, the tutorial and exercises link includes several areas for high school teachers. (Chemistry Resources, Web Link)


5.       Understanding our planet through chemistry [Online]. Available:

Level(s): M, H, R

This USGS site illustrates the use of analytical chemistry to: determine the age of the earth; explain elements, isotopes and radioactivity; analyze rock samples by mass spectrometry; explain the clay deposit that occurred 65 million years ago (pictures included); investigate the chemistry of volcanoes (pictures included). (Properties, Web Link)


6.       Sanderson, A. (1998, October). Chemistry resources [Online]. Available:

Level(s): H, R

This site contains a variety of topics in chemistry including the history of chemistry and biographical information on various scientists. It has links to clip art on glassware and diagrams of crystalline structures can be downloaded. (Science, Clip Art, Web Link)


7.       Science and math initiatives for learning enhancement: SMILE program chemistry index [Online]. February 20, 1999. Available:

Level(s): M, H, R

A collection of about 200 single concept lessons compiled for middle and high school teachers. Lessons are arranged in the following categories: basic tools and principles, atomic and molecular structure, matter, chemical reactions and chemistry of elements, compounds and materials. (Properties, Atomic Theory, Web Link)


8.       World chemistry [Online]. April 8, 1999. Available:

Level(s): H, R

This international website includes a tutorial and various Java Applets (small programs embedded into the web page) corresponding to a variety of topics used in an academic high school chemistry class. The topic organization reflects the International Baccalaureate (IB) chemistry syllabus. Each topic includes definitions, key points and a learning check on the topic. (Chemistry Resources, Web Link)


9.       Rader's chem 4 kids [Online]. Available:

Level(s): I, M

This is a user-friendly site designed to provide basic information on matter, the elements, atomic structure and the math involved in chemistry. Links to the site include biology, geography and physics. (Biology, Physics, Atomic Theory, Web Link)


10.  The macrogalleria [Online]. Available:

Level(s): I, M, H, R

This site is arranged as a tour of a mall where each store represents a different use of polymers. Various mall levels represent different levels of information on polymers. Also included are links to other polymer sites on the web. (Polymers, Web Link)


11.   Chemistry teaching resources: Umea university analytical chemistry [Online]. January 4, 1999. Available:

A comprehensive listing of sites for chemistry teachers arranged by topic. (Web Link)


12. [Online]. Available:

Level(s): P, I, M, H, R

Educational resources for all levels of chemistry education. Includes curriculum materials for K-8 and activities that can easily be done in an elementary classroom. (Chemistry Resources, Chemistry Activities, Web Link)


13.   Harrison, K. Molecules of the month [Online]. Available:

Level(s): H, R

Virtual reality images of molecules. This site requires use of multi-media plug-ins such as Chemscape Chime or CS Chem 3D which allow viewing directly on an HTML page. (Chemistry Resources, Images, Web Link)


14.   CHEMystery [Online]. Available:

Level(s): H, R

A virtual chemistry textbook arranged by topic. Each topic begins with a brief explanation of the main theory involved followed by links to specific explanations. Audio accompaniment (WAV format) for some topics and 3-D VRML renderings of molecular structures. (Atomic Theory, Properties, Thermodynamics, Web Link)


15.   Library of 3-D molecular structures [Online]. August 30,1996. Available:

Level(s): H, R

The MathMol library allows viewing of various structures in introductory biology and chemistry. Three different file formats are used: GIF, PDB, and VRML. PDB (Protein Data Bank) requires installation of a PDB viewer such as RasMol or WebLab. VRML files can be viewed using the latest version of Netscape. (Chemistry Resources, Images, Web Link)


16.   RasMol [Online]. Available:

Level(s): H, R

RasMol is free software used to view molecular structures on both Windows and Mac computers. It allows the viewer to display molecules and rotate them with a mouse to understand their complex 3-D structure. (Chemistry resources, Images, Web Link)


17.   Chemistry experiments you can do at home [Online]. Available:

Level(s): M, H, R

A listing of about 30 experiments that can be performed using materials found around the house. Topics include gases, solutions, reactions with oxygen and tests for substances. A complete listing of materials and procedures is given along with links to a chemical glossary. The discussion portion includes an advanced section which explains the chemistry in greater depth. (Web Link)


18.   The unlocking of the chemical world [Online]. Available:

Level(s): M, H, R

This site lists a variety of experiments arranged according to ability levels. Each experiment gives some background information followed by materials and procedure listings. No discussion or follow-up is included. (Chemistry Activities, Web Link)


19.   Vermont safety information resources [Online]. Available:

Level(s): H, R

This site provides free access to Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Information can be entered using words, company name or CAS. (Chemistry Resources, Web Link)


20.   Newton's apple [Online]. Available:

Level(s): M, H, R

This site lists lessons from seasons 9-15 and can be used along with show segments or as stand-alone lessons. A listing by subject area is also provided. (Chemistry Resources, Web Link)


21.   Winter, M. Webelements [Online]. April 19, 1999. Available:

Level(s): M, H, R

Periodic table listing with detailed information on each element including background history, uses, atomic properties, chemical properties, compounds and where each element can be typically found. Also allows printing of an updated periodic table including elements 116 and 118. (Properties, Chemistry Resources, Web Link)