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L.H.S. Safety test

Answer the following questions. When done, click on the submit button to view your results.


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1. If you see something in the classroom or laboratory that is dangerous, tell the teacher

When you have time.
At once
After class
After school.

2. Any spill on the floor can cause an accident. Always clean it up

At once
During clean up time
When you have time
at the end of the period.

3. When you work in the laboratory long hair must be

Cut off
Held with both hands
Kept out of the way.
Combed nicely.

4. If you are hurt (cut, burned, etc.) tell the

Nurse at once
Teacher at once
Class at once
Doctor after school.

5. When in the laboratory you should wear

Closed-toed shoes
Open-toed shoes
No shoes

6. If you think there is something wrong with a piece of equipment, stop, turn it off and tell

the class leader.
the teacher
another student
the custodian.

7. If you break a piece of glassware or other equipment, tell the teacher

the next period
At clean up time
At once

8. All floors and aisle should be kept clear of

Teachers and students
Lab equipment
both b and c.

9. If you see a fire in an apparatus, or a burning liquid, it is best to put it out with

The fire blanket
Water from the sink
Your coat
the fire extinguisher.

10. To put out a fire in a person's hair or clothes, use

the fire blanket
a handy chemical
the wind from running
the fire extinguisher

11. The correct way to move around the laboratory is to


12. Helping to clean up the laboratory or classroom is the job of

new students
old students
each student
the teacher.

13. When you use the laboratory, you should give the procedure all of your

All of these

14. Chemicals, small parts, and stirring rods are not to be

held in your hand.
put in your mouth
put on the bench
taken from boxes.

15. If acid gets on your skin or clothes, wash at once with

sulfuric acid

16. You must wear your goggles in the laboratory

to improve your vision
to avoid myopia
when instructed to do so

17. Disturbing other students while they are working in the laboratory is

poor manners.
the quickest way to do the job.

18. You should prepare for each laboratory activity by reading all the instructions

After school
while you are working
before you start
Next week.

19. When heating substances in a test tube, be sure the open end points toward

no other person
your teacher
a classmate.

20. Never heat a test tube

in the lab.
that is closed
over a flame
all of these.

21. To prevent accidents during laboratory activities , you should

use short cuts
follow directions
hurry ahead of others
ask someone else to do the work.

22. Playing in the laboratory or bothering another person is

always against the rules
all right
Not dangerous
all right if you are not working.

23. Before you touch an electric plug, switch, or outlet

your hands should be dry
ask the custodian
your hand must be clean
ask the nurse.

24. To be able to put out a fire safely, you should know

how to use extinguisher
where the extinguisher is located
How to use a fire blanket
all of these

25. Laboratory aprons are for

the protection of you and your clothing
others to put away.
when you are wearing your best clothes
wiping your hands

26. In case of fire in the laboratory, notify the teacher at once and then prepare to

Evacuate the building
remove flammable materials
open the doors
clean the laboratory

27. When smelling a liquid

inhale deeply
use the fume hood.
Waft it toward you
pour it on the table.

28. Make sure equipment is clean

before you use it
after you use it
both A and B

29. If you are not sure what to do

ask the teacher
sit quietly
Change partners.

30. The most important thing in laboratory experiments is

getting the answer right
finishing first

Choose the words that best completes the following paragraph.

31. When working in the laboratory you should perform only those activities assigned by your teacher. Carefully follow all (31) , both written and oral. Wear safety goggles and a lab (32) at all times. Avoid apparel that presents safety hazards, such as (33) garments and (34) jewelry. Keep your hair, clothing, and all other (35) materials away from open flames.

Never (36) any substance unless you are specifically instructed to do so by your teacher. Any activity that involves poisonous vapors must be carried out in a(n) (37) hood. Always read and double check the label on a(n) (38) bottle before removing anything from it, and never (39) unused material to the bottle. If you are directed to mix an acid and water, always be sure to add the (40) to the (41) , never the reverse.