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Physics Video Assignments

Professor Brooks

Your assignments this semester include watching an online physics video series called The Mechanical Universe. These videos will greatly aid in your undestanding of physics concepts by employing computer graphics and animations, real-world applications, and historical reenactments. In addition to exploring the physics concepts, you will get to know the physicists and the difficulties they faced.

You will complete a worksheet for each video you watch, and the final exam will include several questions regarding the physicists covered in the videos. The worksheets are available as MS Word documents (below). Download each worksheet, complete while watching the video, then email me your completed worksheet for grading.

Note that some of the videos reference advanced math concepts involving calculus (the derivative and integral). You may skip over this material. The following videos are arranged by DUE DATE. Due to security and/or browser issues, you may have to first open the video source page and launch a video before video links in the table below will work properly.

  2. The Law of Falling Bodies Worksheet 2 Video Link 2
  5. Vectors Worksheet 5 Video Link 5
  4. Inertia Worksheet 4 Video Link 4
  6. Newton's Laws Worksheet 6 Video Link 6
  13. Conservation of Energy Worksheet 13 Video Link 13
  14. Potential Energy Worksheet 14 Video Link 14
  15. Conservation of Momentum Worksheet 15 Video Link 15
  19. Angular Momentum Worksheet 19 Video Link 19
  8. The Apple and the Moon Worksheet 8 Video Link 8
  9. Moving in Circles Worksheet 9 Video Link 9
  21. Kepler's Three Laws Worksheet 21 Video Link 21
  22. The Kepler Problem Worksheet 22 Video Link 22
  23. Energy and Eccentricity Worksheet 23 Video Link 23
  24. Navigating in Space Worksheet 24 Video Link 24
  20. Torques and Gyroscopes Worksheet 20 Video Link 20
  45. Temperature and Gas Laws Worksheet 26 Video Link 45
  48. Low Temperatures Worksheet 48 Video Link 48
  46. Engine of Nature Worksheet 46 Video Link 46
  47. Entropy Worksheet 47 Video Link 47
  16. Harmonic Motion Worksheet 16 Video Link 16
  18. Waves Worksheet 18 Video Link 18
  17. Resonance Worksheet 17 Video Link 17
  10. Fundamental Forces Worksheet 10 Video Link 10
The above videos are also available here.