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Lowell AP Chemistry Handouts - Fall 2010

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The following list of polyatomic ions should be held to memory. (name, formula, symbol, and charge)

+ 1 Ions Name -2 Ions
NH4+1 ammonium ion CO3-2 carbonate
CrO4-2 chromate
-1 Ions Cr2O7-2 dichromate
CN-1 cyanide O2-2 peroxide
OH-1 hydroxide SO3-2 sulfite
ClO-1 hypochlorite SO4-2 sulfate
ClO2-1 chlorite C2O4-2 oxalate
ClO3-1 chlorate
ClO4-1 perchlorate -3 Ions
C2H3O2-1 / CH3COO-1 acetate PO4-3 phosphate
MnO4-1 permanganate BO3-3 borate
NO2-1 nitrite
NO3-1 nitrate +2 Ions
HCO3-1 bicarbonate


hydrogen carbonate

Hg2+2 mercury (I)
SCN- thiocyanate Hg+2 mercury (II)

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